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About us

Since 1974, DenMat’s range of innovative clinical and practice-management solutions have been in the forefront of dentistry. DenMat’s Smile Continuum features a range of minimally invasive, esthetic options, from LUMISmile® patient consultation digital imaging to LUMIBrite™ whitening products to Snap-On Smile® removable arches to LUMINEERS® porcelain veneers.

DenMat's professional products include award-winning restoratives, cements and adhesive materials (Core Paste®, Geristore® Infinity®, Tenure®, Ultra-Bond® and Virtuoso®, to name a few) and the innovative Sapphire Light platform keeps expanding, now offering Lesion Detection, potentially life-saving technology, and Soft Tissue Management capabilities.

In November, 2011 DenMat was acquired by affiliates of Centre Partners and Mill Street Partners. DenMat is led by a new management team consisting of Chief Executive Officer Steve Semmelmayer, Chief Operating Officer Robert Cartagena, and Chief Administrative Officer Todd Tiberi. All three served as part of the executive team at Discus Dental, LLC prior to its nine-figure sale to Royal Philips Electronics (NYSG: PHG) in December 2010.

In January, 2012 DenMat announced that it has acquired the restoratives and impression portfolios from Royal Philips Electronics, parent company of Discus Dental, LLC (“Discus Dental”). This includes: Splash® and Precision® impression materials, Vanilla Bite™, Chocolate Bite™, MegaBite®, and Clear Bite™ registration materials, MOXIE™ bonding agents, Gripper™ and PERFECtray® bite trays, PERFECtemp® crown and bridge material, and FLASHlite™ (Magna and 1401) curing lights.

The Company is focused on continued development of its laboratory products and services and building out its distribution network for both current and future professional dental products.

Today, DenMat has more than 400 employees and serves dentists worldwide, both direct and through distributor, group practice and laboratory partnerships. DenMat also sponsors educational programs through the American Society for Clinical Research (ASCR).